Don’t be a dick.

One of my heros is Wil Wheaton, if you don’t know who that is then he was Wesley Crusher in Startrek the next generation and was one of the stars of the classic “Stand by me”.  If you’re still non the wiser, then bloody hell I am old 🙂  For you young uns, you might know him from Eureka and The big Bang Theory.  He’s also a Husband, Dad, Writer, Comedian, Blogger, Gamer and a million other things, and was also the inspiration for this domain name 6/7 years ago, / get it?

Now in 2011 he was on a panel at the ECCC in the usa, here’s the video if you want to watch it.

I think it speaks for itself, “Don’t be a dick”.  Now to the point of my post, my son loves Justin Beiber [he’s 4 i’ll get that out of him], and he’s done a few concerts in the UK, but come on stage 2 hours late, now can you imagine having to take your teenage son or daughter out of the concert so you don’t miss the last train home?  I know my son would be gutted.  If I’m not mistaken then celebs are created and loved by their fans, if you have no fans you have no product…..hmmm something to think about?  at the end of the day.



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