NAS storage

I’m currently a fan of backblaze, for anyone that doesn’t know who they are, put it simply, they are an online storage provider, read more about them here – Backblaze

I use them and fingers crossed, I’ve never had to use them, and I hope I never will. But this got me to thinking, although $5 isn’t a lot, in fact in UK terms it’s about £3 a month, should I be really spending this amount of money on a backup solution even though £36 a year is bloody brilliant for unlimited storage.

I’m starting to think not. Especially seeing as I could use the amount for something else, kids have that affect on you.

So where do we go from here? Do I want a pre built solution such as a Synology/Drobo?

Do I want to go for a DIY solution such as a desktop with lots of drives running Debian or a nas designed package such as freenas?

Well at the moment I’m not sure, in the short term it’s going to cost either way, but as I’m paranoid about backups something has to be done. Keep tuned for the next episode of

NAS101 with Paul 😀


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