Ethernet over house power.

I decided that wireless, although was great, still wasn’t as good as a wired connection. It was starting to drive me a little nuts, ok maybe I’m just too much of a perfectionist. After speaking to mates at work, we discovered these, and to be honest why the heck am I only finding out about them now.



In this case they are Netgear powerline adapters, you plug them into your power sockets and you can use ethernet over power.  If you want to read more about these particular ones, then take a look here.

I plugged one into the wall socket near my router and used the enclosed cat5 cable to plug into one of the router ports, then used one downstairs that I plug my laptop into.  Works a treat, getting some great lan speeds, seems so quicker than wireless.

Over all quite impressed, now it’ll mean I don’t need to deal with wireless for items like a smart tv, or a console that needs internet access, I just get another plug and plug/go.



4 thoughts on “Ethernet over house power.

  1. Got a couple in the garage for sale. Should have said, bought them about 10 years ago so they’re only the 200mb versions. Found them a bit flaky to be honest.


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