tatica – Gimp – Patreon

6781705859_2c3f826e9dBeing a Linux user means I’m having to learn lots myself, also being a photographer means that I don’t have access to the latest and greatest apps like Photoshop. What I do have however, is GIMP. While this open source editing app, isn’t as powerful, it works just as well for me. But, I wouldn’t have been able to grasp half of the features within the app, if it wasn’t for friends and other members of the Fedora Community. One of these people is Tatica – tatica.org. She’s been producing gimp videos for ages, and while she’s not done one for awhile, she wants that to change, and here’s how she wants to do it…..in fact don’t listen to me, go check this page out.

I want a podcast!

It might be Spanish, as she’s from Venezuela, but you can convert the site to English and the video she’s done has English subtitles.

You also might want to check her patreon page here too – http://www.patreon.com/tatica Patreon? yes it’s simple, you pay for content they produce, for example, I’ll pay Tatica $1 for every video she produces, you can set a max per month so you don’t end up owing a lot, but it’s like a crowd sourcing solution. The more she gets the better and more often the content she’ll produce. I for one, am excited about the content she’ll produce, and if it’s all in Spanish, well I better start learning Spanish 🙂


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