Hyper-V + Windows 8.1

I’ve now configured my server, which is a Dell 1950 to have Windows Hyper-V sever R2 2012, the setup of it was quite easy, only took about 10 mins, then the issues revealed themselves to me. No matter what I tried I couldn’t remote desktop to the machine or use the Hyper-V manager to connect, it was having non of it.

Then Google to the rescue, I had to do this.

cmdkey /add: /user: /pass:

Ok so this didn’t work, but was part of the solution, it allowed me to connect to the server, but then I was getting the error

“HyperV Manager access denied unable to establish communication”







So I then had to do this.

Go to Start / Run and type

dcomcnfg [right click, run as administrator]

Follow the screen shots, you need to enable Remote Access for Anonymous Login.   Save it all off then exit.  If you want to reboot you can, but you should then be able to connect to the Hyper-v manager with out any errors.


































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