Fedora | Webcam | Recording

I’ve been wanting to record my webcam for ages, but never found the right way of doing it, VLC streaming wasn’t brilliant, cheese had lag when recording videos, but I think I’ve found the right solution for me.  Only time will tell when I start to record videos for blog posts.

For the recording of the webcam, which happens to be a Microsoft HD cam, I used Kamoso

It appears to be a KDE app, but you can just install it using

yum -y install kamoso










This recorded the video by default to mkv, which is ok, but when I tried to upload to Facebook, it didn’t like the format.  So I had to convert it to AVI, ffmpeg to the rescue.

I know there are lots of features available for ffmpeg, but I just ran this

ffmpeg -i video_1.mkv -f avi video.avi

It created the AVI which allowed me to upload to facebook,….result.



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