Windows 7 Professional using a Home Premium DVD

For reasons known only to me and the darkest sickest recesses of my mind, I need to install Windows 7 Professional onto my laptop. The issue is, I only have the Home Premium Media, which is already installed on my wifes laptop. I have a key, I just need the media. Now I know I could just download it from the internet, which apart from taking it’s time, isn’t fun at all. I wondered if it was possible to use the Home Premium disk as I heard that it could install any version of Windows.

Well I was right and this is how I’ve created a “Install Most Versions Boot USB”.

  • Create an iso image from the DVD you have by what ever means you have to create an iso image. I have a linux machine so I just used dd – dd if=/dev/cdrom of=windows.iso
  • Download Rufus so you can create the bootable USB using the ISO –
  • Once USB is completed, open it up and look in the sources folder for a file called ei.cfg, it’s this which determines what version of windows is to be installed.
  • Boot your PC/Laptop from the USB and as part of the installation it should ask you which version you want to install, well it did for me.

Rufus in action.



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