Making Fedora work better [For me]

I’ve been talking to my fellow Fedora user, James [who happens to be my boss] and he’s told me a few extensions that are available for gnome 3 that make things a little better, and to be honest I like them lots.

First of all you need to go here – [use firefox]

The first couple I have install is

Applications Menu
No Topleft Hot Corner

As you can see from the screen shot below, what these two extensions do is give you the applications menu and disable the corner hot spot, something that does tend to drive me nuts.


The next one which is turning out to be a godsend, is Drop Down Terminal, this provides a keyclick to open a terminal, it’s the key above the tab key, press this and a terminal drops down, awesome 😀

Screenshot from 2014-08-30 12:43:06

I have a couple more that provide a bottom task bar but all in all, they are all providing extra functionality that make using Fedora a lot more enjoyable to use.

One thing you might also want to install is the gnome-tweak-tool, this provides a gui to control a lot of these extensions

Screenshot from 2014-08-30 12:45:46

As per the Cowsay “Fedora Rocks”


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