KVM To VMware – Part 1

I have a kvm host that I’m wanting to play about with, in this case it’s move all the virtual machines over to a vmware platform.  But rather than create the new host and re-install each individual machine, I want to be able to take them with me.  Part one is what I’ve done to convert the vm’s to vmware compatible vms, part 2 will be me installing them onto a vmware esxi server to see if they actually work.

Ok here goes, this is what I’ve done so far

  • Check that the virtual machine is off [ You can’t do this if it’s active]

[root@rmcvirt01 ~]# virsh list

Id Name State
6 rmcjmc01 running
7 rmcirc01 running

If it’s running then virsh destroy <server> or ssh into it and shut it down.

  • Convert the img file to a vmdk
qemu-img convert rmcirc01.img -O vmdk rmcirc01.vmdk 

This should create your vmdk file that you can import onto the vmware server. I’ll be trying this in part 2, I’ll let you know what happens.


3 thoughts on “KVM To VMware – Part 1

  1. Hi Paul,
    I have three different img files for KVM: OS, SWAP, APP
    How can I merge this 3 files in one, in order to convert to vmdk?



    • I’m not 100% but you could try something like

      qemu-img convert os.img os.vmdk
      qemu-img convert swap.img swap.vmdk
      qemu-img convert app.img app.vmdk

      cat os.vmdk swap.vmdk app.vmdk > machine.vmdk

      Just something I saw on google, really not sure if it will work or not, if it doesn’t then I don’t know…sorry.


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