Fedora Project Wiki Page

If you didn’t know I’m a Fedora Fan, if you’ve been reading my posts and you haven’t realised this then WTF? 😉 What you might not know is that a lot of the Fedora Users/Ambassadors have their own individual user pages on a wiki. As an example, here’s mine.


It’s a nice way of telling the world a little bit about you and what you do in the Fedora world.

Have you created yours yet? Feel free to take a look at the source for my page and take any thing you need. One of the other things I like is Badges, I’m still looking into ways to get more. If you feel the need to show the world your badges, then you can either take my box code and have them show up on the right or you can add this to your wiki page

 {{ #fedorabadges: paulmellors }} 

Obviously you’d need to replace my name with your own.

Please leave comments with your user name so I can check yours out, it’s always fine to meet new people.


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