Fedora UK Podcast

After last weeks shenanigans, it was decided that we should do the podcast every two weeks giving us time to get news etc, so if you was expecting one last night and it didn’t happen, then I certainly apologise.

SE01EP02 will be next Thursday the 18th Sept, I’ll create a google+ hangout event for it nearer the time.

If you want to see what’s it all about then you can see our first, blundering attempt 🙂 here.

Here is the video if you can’t see it.

If you want to contact any of the hosts of the show, then you can at podcast@fedora-uk.org

Please subscribe to my channel, that way you’ll know when we release a new show, and if you wanted to like the video, it shows us we’re moving in the right direction.

See you next week.


We now have a channel on IRC #fedora-uk-podcast on the irc.freenode.net network.


2 thoughts on “Fedora UK Podcast

    • Hi, yes we’ll more than likely be adding show notes to the youtube video and when the new website is live, we’ll add it to the audio version page as well 😀


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