Irssi – Reducing the noise.

I’ve been using irssi for years, one of the things, which to be honest I’ve been lazy about, that annoys me, is that when people are trying to get hold of me, I’m having to troll through the logs looking for their discussion while ignoring all the PARTS JOINS QUITS etc etc etc.

I decided I had to do something about this, so I’ve just typed this into the irssi window

/ignore #fedora-uk MODES JOINS PARTS QUITS

This will ignore all the JOINS PARTS QUITS from the #fedora-uk channel,  so all I see from now on is the conversation.  Just replace #fedora-uk for what ever channel you don’t want to see all the useless information from.  Yeah that’ll do me for now.


6 thoughts on “Irssi – Reducing the noise.

  1. Yes — great tip; I do this on my system too. Frankly I think some of our channel ops should also learn to do this so they spend less time trying to alter people’s trivial IRC behavior, and more time on whatever makes them happy, like helping people, reading, drinking coffee, et al. 🙂


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