Fedora Package Cleanup

I like to play with apps, so I install a lot, and see what they do, when I’ve finished with them, I’ll yum remove them, but if any apps have installed anything else as a requirement, it’ll leave it behind and not remove it. Now I like a clean and tidy machine so I was wondering what options I had. There are quite a few, for example, this will show you what packages are installed, but not required by anything else, so in theory could be removed.

package-cleanup --leaves

If you add the -all to the end, I think this’ll remove them, but don’t quote me on that. However there is an easier options which has been available in yum since Fedora 18.

 yum autoremove

or if you wanted to just remove one package, you can do it like this

yum autoremove package

yes it’s that simple.

Dirty Packages Be Gone!


2 thoughts on “Fedora Package Cleanup

  1. By the way, DNF improves the situation. When you run “dnf remove
    somepackage”, it will automatically uninstall the orphaned dependencies.


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