Xubuntu 14.04 Desktop

In my conquest to try every linux desktop variation, I decided it was the turn of Xubuntu 14.04. Xubuntu is basically ubuntu, but instead of using the unity interface, it used the xfce window manager. Installation was as quick as any normal ‘buntu installation, so nothing was a surprise there. What was a surprise was how responsive the interface was, now my laptop isn’t a slouch, but it’s not that quick either, but everything I tried, seemed quick. I think I might have this on my laptop for a little while longer. If you want to read up on this, then you can visit http://xubuntu.org/ Download the CD as as per all installation variants, you can either install or try. If you go down the try route, please be aware, that as your running it from a CD, it’s not going to be that quick. Here’s a few screen shots.



Finally my current desktop.



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