Contributing to the Fedora Project

Once of the many things I do for the Fedora Project is Tagging, it’s something any one can do and it’s a quick/easy way to give back to Fedora.

First go here



You’ll need to login with your FAS credentials.

blog2You’ll then be taken to this page



From this page, you have two choices, you can like an existing tag, or you can make suggestions for additional ones, just click the RIGHT triangle to move to the next page if you don’t want to do anything on the current package.  Now like most of us, I don’t really know what all packages do, so how am I going to be able to suggest new tags?

Well I personally go here


You can search for the app you’re looking for, read it’s description etc, and then add a tag, in the example above, you could of added, library or XML, which has already been suggested, well I was going to add those, so I’ll like them.

For each TAG/Like you do, it will increase your score, you can see your current score at the top right of the page,


One of the cool things about doing this is you get badges.


See the bottom three, they are package tagging badges, now people know I helped out, the more tags you add, tages you like, the more badges you get.

A nice easy way of giving back to the project you so dearly love.




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