People driven people show.

Well the title doesn’t make that much sense but I’ve had an idea, and I’m going to roll with it.  This post is just my thoughts, and I’m sure all the people that read this are going to make suggestions or just mock me 😀

I’m a people [ish] kinda person, I like knowing what makes them tick, why they like working on something, what they like to do in their spare time, ok so you might call me nosey, and yes you’d be right, but it’s something I am.  One of the things I like watching are videos or reading posts where someone has interviewed someone, in this case I’m really referring to the Fedora community at large, which would probably include all the Red Hatters out there.  So I’ve had an idea.   I’m currently living in England, so it would be impossible, unless someone loved me loads and wants to pay me to travel the world, for me to travel the globe just to interview Fedora/Redhat users and developers.  The planet feed, does provide insight, and you can find information about people on various social media platforms, but there is nothing where all information is stored.  Here’s where my idea comes in.

I call it “The Deck Chair Show”, silly name but let me explain.

I know various members of the Fedora community, they are living here in the UK and are quite near me.  The plan is to get two of my deck chairs, go visit them and interview them on camera.  Uploading the video to youtube after.  Your task, if you choose to accept it, is to grab two of your chairs, doesn’t have to be a deck chair, in fact it doesn’t have to be your chairs at all, it could be park bench, field, your living room, corportate head quarters any thing.  The point is to find a Fedora/Red HAT user or developer and give them a quick interview.  Let the people of the world know who is doing what.  I’m probably going to put myself on cam soon.  All I suggest you do is that when you’ve uploaded it, or put a link on twitter, you include the hash tag #deckchairshow so we can get them all together.

Interview questions can be what ever you choose, who are you? what do you do?  What you like to do in spare time , stuff like that.

It would be nice to see who is who, when all you seen on irc is a handle.

Any one interested?


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