KVM 1 Hyper-V 0

I have a server, it’s a dell 1950 with 16GB of ram in it.  I like to play with my os’s and setups, so I installed Windows 2012 with Hyper-V.  It’s easy to setup, but that’s where it kinda went wrong.   Picture what I wanted to achieve.

4 vms

1 x 8gb VM [RAM]
1 x 4gb VM [RAM]
1 x 2GB VM [RAM]
1 x 1GB VM [RAM]

Easy enough you’d have thought, but no. For some reason it wouldn’t allow me to create this amount of VMS due to not having enough ram. Doing a bit of research it looks like hyper-v reserves ram for itself and the OS, I’m sure there is away around this but I’m impatient, if it doesn’t work the first time, I’ll move on and get it working on something that does work.

Enter KVM on Centos7, think the image speaks for itself.



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