Server temp error

I’ve been getting a Ambient Temp message on my server for about a week now, they are saying it’s to do with either the fan or the temp in the room, the server is in my garage where it’s freezing, so the only thing I can think of is that the fan has gone, or is it.?? Well let me explain, and it would be interesting to see if any one else has had a similar issue or they think I’m dumb, which is a possibility.

I’m running windows 2012 hyper-v on the server, and it’s only since I’ve been running this that I’ve been getting the error. When I was using CentOS/KVM everything was ok. It could just be coincidence but I’m going to try an experiment. I’ve moving back to CentOS/KVM to see if it makes any difference. Perhaps MS is just over working the server and CentOS doesn’t? If it makes no difference that’s fine, it’s just an experiment and seeing as I backup my servers, converting from vhdx to qcow2 isn’t going to be much of a problem.

Any one else had similar issues? Can it be that MS does cause the system to work harder than CentOS?


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