Hyper-v to Kvm

I recently moved from a Hyper-v setup to a RHEL setup, and didn’t really fancy reinstalling my VM’s. I’m a home user really so the VM’s I have are mainly a shell account server for my friends to connect to IRC and a couple of minecraft servers. The only other VM I have that I wouldn’t want to reinstall from scratch is my secondary webserver, this is used in conjunction with HAPROXY and KEEPALIVED to provide high availability services to my website customers.

So, I’ve got these vhdx files with are microsoft, and I want to convert them to qcow2 files which are used for KVM, is this even possible. Yeah course it is. This is how I did it.

First, check the file, make sure it’s ok.

qemu-img check -r all rmcjmc01.vhdx

If ok, convert the file

qemu-img convert -O qcow2 rmcgmc01.vhdx rmcgmc01.qcow2

You can now use virt-manager to create the VM and use the disk image. et viola. Seemed to work ok for me.


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