AS you know I’m trying to learn about High Availability on my servers, just so that I can keep a webserver up as long as possible, it’s going ok at the moment, but I’ve been looking at alternate ways to sync data across my servers. Rsync has been the easiest method so far, but then one of my friends mentioned that there is software that makes this even easier, it’s called GlusterFS. What I basically want is to have all files that are generated on server1, update to server2, well this is pretty much what this does. Well one part of it at least. I thought I’d look at YouTube for video tutorials and would you believe it, my friend has already done a YouTube video on this very subject for his local lug [linux user group], I’ve not had chance to try it yet, but will do in the coming months. But for the moment, take a look yourself and see how easy it is to setup GlusterFS If you can’t see the video below click here.


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