Microsoft Hyper-V Replication

Not only do I have raid in my server, but I’ve decided that I want to play with replication.  Why bother I hear you ask.  Well In my case, I run a webserver, I’ve moved it from a physical machine and have visualized it.  It means I can remove one physical server from my system.  But if you know me, you’ll know I’m always panicking about loosing stuff, my photography backups are backed up, then they are backed up which are then backed up to the cloud…and breath.  Well I wanted my servers like that too so I’ve decided that I’m setting up replication within my servers.

I currently use Microsoft Windows 2012 [albeit a trial license] on my server which has the ability to replicate it’s VM’s accross to another machine.  In an ideal world, I’d love an external storage device so I could setup cluster based failover replication, but I can’t afford that after all I’m just the average Joe that likes to play with kit at home.

Any who, W2K12 has the ability to replicate servers across machines, It’ll leave the destination server off so it doesn’t create IP conflicts or something that’s known as split brain, but it’ll do the job perfectly.  [patiently waits for the linux enthusiasts comments]

There is a bit of config needed beforehand, but I won’t go into that here, if you want to know more about this just ask, needless to say you need a domain controller and the servers must be in AD.

Here’s a screen shot of it enabled, it won’t work as yet as I don’t have my 2nd server, but that’s just days away.

hypervIf you want to know specifics, and I can help, I certainly will so just ask.

** UPDATE ** Amid the screams of 1million techs reading this post in despair, I know RAID IS NOT BACKUP, I must word things better.


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