CentOS KVM GlusterFS

I had a rather productive tech weekend last weekend.   I changed my virtual server setup from hyper-v to Centos/KVM/GlusterFS

While I do like windows server, it was only a demo, once this runs out, then I’m running on unlicensed software which I don’t really like.  So as I’m a CentOS lover, I decided this was the way I had to go.  I’ll do a longer post with a step by step on how I have it setup, but for the moment let’s just tease you with how it’s currently setup

Server1 – CentOS / KVM

Server2 – CentOS / KVM

Both servers have the same spec, Dell 1950’s, 16gb ram, hard drives [this is pretty much the only difference between the two, until I get my WD REDS, they are just using a mishmash of different size drives.

Both servers have GlusterFS setup on them and the virtual machine disk images are on this Gluster volume.  Which effectively means, that what ever changes are made in the VM’s on Server1 are replicated to Server2.  Seeing as I’m running a webserver on the server, it’s helpful to know that if one fails due to hardware failure, I can just spin up the other VM.

I do need to read up a little more on GlusterFS as I’m sure there are a million tweaks I can do so it’s running at optimal performance, but for now it seems to be working ok for me.

I did a lot of the setup after watching this video done by a friend of mine for his local lug, so have a watch and if you like it, give it a thumbs up.


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