Online Passwords

Just a bit of advice passed onto me by a friend, who knows his stuff.  Don’t use the same password for all your online activity.  If it’s guessed, then it’s easy enough to check internet history to find the sites you’ve been accessing and try the password for them as well.  If you’re scared at the thought of remembering multiple confusing passwords, then let me recomment

With this site, you have a master password, that enables you to access your own personal vault.  You can then add websites to this vault and have a plugin on your laptop/pc which connects you to the lastpass service.   You can then log into all your sites, with your new complicated passwords, without having to remember them.  Due to certain prank events today, I’ve started using this service and so far it seems ok.  I’ve changed most of my online sites to use this service, with some of the passwords being over 20 chars in length, with capitals and chars such as !”£$£%£%

Just remember folks, don’t use the same password on all sites you use.  It’s a 1 min job to get your pc hacked and all this information found out.


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