CentOS 7 Text mode installer

I have 2 usb ports on the front of my Dell 1950 server, as the internal cd-rom drive on it doesn’t work, I’m having to use an external one, that leaves the other port for the keyboard.  That means that unless I have a really long cable and reach round to the back of the server, which let me tell you is a pain in the ass, I have to use the mouse in the front usb port.

It’s not so much a problem, just awkward when I use the graphical install mode.  I have to press tab a lot, so I wondered if there was a way to just use a text mode installer, well actually there is and it’s simple.

Boot of the install media, and when you see “install centos” press the tab to get the command line arguments for the actual boot settings.  Add the following to the end of the line     text  then press return, that’s it.  All you’re doing is telling the installer to use a text mode install.

Seems to work ok, the only issue I saw when I’ve just used it, is that when you select the software to install, in my case, “server with gui”, unlike the graphical install, you don’t get the option to add any additional software [unless i’m missing something], it’s not a problem as I can add them later, but it would have been nice to added the virtualisation tools at the same time.

I love linux 😀


One thought on “CentOS 7 Text mode installer

  1. Hey! I tried the text interface for CentOS 7 installation and I only missed the partitions settings. The only way to configure partitions is automatically, so you cannot select the partition size nor the file system format. Also it would have been nice to have the keyboard language option.
    Anyway, thank you for your post!


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