I’m wanting to Fail.

Yes the title is correct, I’m waiting to fail, but it’s not quite as straight forward as you might think.  I personally don’t want to fail, I’m wanting my hardware to fail so I can test it.  I’m working on Failover clustering within Windows Server 2012, at the moment, I’m just using Hyper-v and replication, but soon, ie in the next day or so, I hope to have my Ubuntu Server configured as a iSCSI target so I can start to play with Fail Over Clustering.  I went with using a Ubuntu Server as it’s cheaper than buying a specific NAS that supports iscsi.  I had the hardware lying about and for my test lab, it’ll do the job fine.  I’ll write a more indepth post later with settings I’ve used etc, I just wanted to do a quite update for people that read my blog, er is anyone actually reading this?

I’m quite lucky that I have all the equipment to test this all on, it’s really fun to play about with this kind of think and is certainly helping me gain knowledge that i’ll need when doing my MCSE exams.

A lot of my friends will read this and think WHY are you using MS products and my answer to that is, well I like it, it works for me.  I can see myself in a few months time, doing the same project again but this time using Opensource tools, but for the moment, I want to stick to Microsoft so there.

/me waits for the backlash that I always get…..#sosad


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