Storage Server

I’m currently turning one of my servers into a storage server, I’ll be using CentOS 7, but not sure if I want to just use samba/glusterfs or have isci running on it so I can use the space as drives on my main servers.  I will report back when I have played a little.  Trouble is i’m never satisfied with one solution so might have to reinstall the server numerous times until I like something.  I’m going to have to redo it at some point any way as I’m getting some WD Red drives to put in it.  The drives I have in there at the moment are sloooooooooow, most likely because their old.

sigh, that’s the problem with me having servers, I just want to play constantly, I suppose it’s a good way of learning though.  I’ll get to work for RedHat one day 😉


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