My server is kaput!

I currently use a small desktop running Windows 7 home edition as a backup/storage server, it’s only got a single 1tb drive in it, but it did the job fine.  Over the last couple of days it’s been crashing like crazy, every time I’ve come to use the machine, it’s got the dreaded BSOD.  Yay.  I can fix it, but it means I’ll have to move the machine from where it is currently, which is a pain in the bum.  It’s actually made me think of an alternative, and for that, I’ve decided to get 2 new WD RED drives and add them to one of my spare 1u servers, I’ll use that instead.  It’ll also force me to install Linux instead of using windows, which is always a good thing.  It’s quite easy to install Ubuntu onto the box, then setup samba shares so I can mount the drives on my laptop just as before.

Pain in the neck, but not all technology is infallible…..

** Update 14/03/15 **

I went with Debian in the end, this rarely gets updated, only really for security updates, so I went with that instead.



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