Trying to get my head around how people crack computers, so as a test, I’ve installed Kali Linux onto a virtual machine.  One of the things I’m trying at the moment is a tool called Metasploit, read all about it here –

From the msf console when you run it, I wanted to do some scanning, so I ran this

db_nmap -v -sV

I kept getting the error “Database not connected”, it was annoying, but seeing as I’m just learning all this, I googled the answer, it’s quite simple when you know.  Well apparently it’s just a temp fix, but it worked.

At the prompt type

db_connect -y /opt/metasploit/apps/pro/ui/config/database.yml

If you get “Rebuilding the module cache in the background”, then you’re off to a winner, you can type


If you get “postgresql connected to msf3”, then BINGO, move onto your next tasks.

Nothing interesting in these posts, it’s really for my notes so I can refer back to them once in awhile.


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