The time has come

I’m a tech head, if you know me you’ll know this, you’ll also know i’m never satisfied with anything, and this is mostly with my OS for both my servers and my laptop.  But there comes a time when you have to sit back and think what you’re actually wanting from it all.  Money in my case is a major factor, ok so it’s not a mega amount, but when you sit down and think about it, it all builds up.  £7.99 a month for Office 365, £7.99 a month for Creative cloud, £45.99 a year for anti virus software etc etc etc.  I’ve finally got to the stage where I can’t afford this, or more to the point, don’t want to have to spend the money for this, it’s sad that I have to fork out my hard earned money which I’d prefer to spend on the kids/family, to keep my systems stable, and with Windows Server 2012 running into the hundreds just for a single license, for the home user it’s madness.

There are alternatives, and for me, these alternatives are behind my decision to completely ditch Microsoft from all my systems at home.  Done, gone.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like Microsoft, but for me, the home user, there just isn’t any point any more.

My needs are simple, I need a laptop, and servers.  Here’s my setup currently.

Laptop – Ubuntu [it’s the easiest distro for me and my family to use as non linux users]

Server1 [Storage Server] – I’m running Debian on this, I just need a stable OS for the storage of my files/pictures/videos, this then backs up to a NAS which I haven’t had to touch in months.

Servers2/3 – These are my Ubuntu KVM servers, they are running multiple VM’s [webserver, irc server etc], I say 2/3 as they are using gluster, which is a technology to sync files between them both, I use it in case one of the servers fails, that way I can bring up the VM on the other server.

I’m going to get lots of “but you”, “I thought you were already…”, “why ubuntu”, “but you can still use windows with…” comments, but for the moment, this setup will/is going to work for me.  I’ve cancelled my office renewal, cancelled my antivirus renewal, going to cancel my Adobe renewal which will mean that I will no longer have to pay for software.

I’m going to have to hope I don’t regret this 🙂


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