Fedora 22

Yet another release from Fedora, this time it’s release 22, and while it works like a charm, I had 2 issues with it within the first five mins, while not a problem, then are still niggles.

1st – Wifi, still no iwlwifi.conf to stop the wifi led flashing when it’s connected to wifi. Luckily this is fixed by creating a file, adding a line, saving and then rebooting.

2nd – I know I wear glasses, but the default Icons are huge, I mean massive which makes things look horrible. Well to me any way. Well there is a quick way to fix this.

Start the file manager —-> Views and change the Icon view and the list view defaults to small.  Works for me.

Other than those petty issues, it’s another fantastic release. If  you get the chance to go look at Fedora 22 I would, it ROCKS.



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