Fedora 22 Rendering Issue

I’m using Fedora 22 Workstation on a Dell Latitude E6510 and It’s working fine, I’ve just got this wierd screen rendering issues.

When you login, the ICONS are huge, both on the desktop and in the file manager, to me it looks horrible.




Luckily you can change them, you can view the file manager and set the zoom level to small which makes them a little smaller, this is where the wierdness starts.  Reboot and login15

The icons are in the taskbar at the top, take a look at the home icon below, why is that happening.

2The strange thing is, is that when you visit the file manager, it moves the icon into the correct location

It’s bizarre, and i’ve no idea why this is happening, wonder if it’s a bug, well off to Bugzilla.

Any one experienced the same issue?  Nvidia NVM3100 is the laptops video card.






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