A little knowledge goes a long way.

I’m teaching myself pen testing, cracking and all sorts of stuff that people might call nefarious, but as a system administrator I wanted to make sure I was aware of tools and techniques that are currently available.

First one is cracking wifi passwords, a friend of mine watched a program about this on the BBC the other day and they mentioned that the operatives using specialist cyber software and hardware, well let me just tell you what a load of crap.  I’m just using a standard laptop, running Linux which is also running a virtual machine containing Kali Linux, which if you don’t know is a common distro that pen testers like to use.

All of which is free to download and use.  I will point out at this stage, that anything I’ve tried or am going to try is done with the permission of the person who owns the wireless hardware ie me.  I’m only doing this on my own kit no one elses.

Software I’m using is as follows

airmon-ng – Used to put your wifi adapter in monitor mode
airodump-ng – Used to packet capture
aircrack-ng –  An 802.11 WEP and WPA/WPA2-PSK key cracking program.

With these tools and various other files ie a wordlist, which is basically a huge file containing every word you can think of, it’s just a case of typing a few commands and having a bit of patience

Any way I think that’s it, I’ve not actually tried it yet, but I’ll do another write up after I’ve experimented.

If you’re curious about my hardware

Laptop – Dell Latitude E6510 8gb RAM
USB Wireless Adapter – Alfa AWUS051NH


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