My Linux Life

I was looking at my network setup at home over the weekend and one of the things I was looking at was my storage server. It’s a 1u server running window 2012 r2 [trial] that all my files reside on, it’s setup to use nic teaming and all in all is just a file server. Shares on the server enable people to access their files and works pretty well, the times it needs to run updates, most people are asleep any way so server reboots aren’t a problem. Then it dawned on me, it’s a trial. I have about 100 days left on the trial, what happens after that, and why the hell am I running trial software on a system that although is not critical, I do like to have available to me at all times.

OK OK I’ll purchase a license for it, then I don’t need to worry, at this stage of the post I’ve just realised the people reading it are spluttering their coffee and calling me every name under the sun. You know I don’t really mind paying for software if I know it’s going to work and I know it would.

Now I’m not the richest man in the world, but I have 100 days to save up for it, looking at the internet and shops online, a license is about £500 which is about right for this software.

I sat back and with a little smile on my face thinking problem solved, I then started sulking and pouting and doing all the things you do when deep down in your heart you realise your a complete moron. 🙂

Picture the scene, I’m sat at the kitchen table, a Redhat Certification book to the left of me and a LPIC-1 certification book to the right, LINUX YOU IDIOT INSTALL LINUX.

so I did, my storage server is currently running Centos 7, it’s setup for samba for file share, bonding for using both of the internal nics, and is another server that is just running, I can now use the money for something more important.

sigh another insight I should have known better about.


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