Fedora 22 – MATE Desktop

While I’m a big fan of Gnome, I wanted to try another desktop environment. I’ve heard people about MATE desktop and thought I’d give it a try. It’s easy enough to install when you know the right command.

dnf groupinstall mate-desktop

Once you’ve installed, reboot your machine and you’ll have the option to select MATE before you login.


** NB The MATE option will appear when you reboot.

Once logged in you can tweak to your hearts content.


** UPDATE **

If you want the proper mint menu, then you need to

dnf install mintmenu



2 thoughts on “Fedora 22 – MATE Desktop

  1. How to I enable mint menu? I have installed it as per to your instructions above but I only get a default GNOME 2.MATE desktop when I log in.


    • Hi Eric

      It’s something you need to add manually, right click the task bar, and it’s something like add to panel and there will be an option for the mint menu


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