Debian + KVM Virtualization

Moving on from my getting Nvidia working in Debian for my laptop, I thought I’d move onto the server and have a play with KVM Virtualization.  I’ve experiance with VMware and Hyper-V and Virtualization using RHEL, but that’s with a GUI and I wanted to everything from scratch.  I did the Debian minimal installation so I new I didn’t have anything I didn’t want.  I then did this.

  • apt-get install qemu-kvm libvirt-bin

A lot of extra dependencies were added as well.  Once I’d done this, I rebooted just to make sure.

To make sure it was up and working, you can run the following command to check it’s all working

  • virsh list –all

You should see something like this.  All this is telling you is what VM’s are running currently.


That’s all I had to do to get it working.

From that point on, all I needed to do was install virt-manager onto my laptop, setup keys so that virt-manager could log onto the server, upload a few iso images and install some vms, but that can be for another post.

Look Look Virtual Machines Running 😀




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