Fedora – My way back #1

Well it all came together quite nicely last night.  I’d backed up my machine and decided that I wasn’t going to dual boot, I was going to remove Windows completely and install Fedora 29 on the whole of my drive.  Scared the hell out of me, but hay, 2019 let’s do it.

The install went well, nothing major happened there, then realised now was time to figure out how to install the nvidia drivers.  I have a little GT 710, how hard could it be?

Well after reading this page – https://www.if-not-true-then-false.com/2015/fedora-nvidia-guide/ not hard at all, followed the instructions and boom, nvidia working fine.

I then realised that I’d potentially made a mistake, well not a mistake but something that I use on windows that I might have to give up on linux.  World of Warcraft.  Now I love to play this game and instantly thought, ooops am I going to have to give this up now?  Well as it happens no, I’m not.  Wine to the rescue.

Install wine, install the battle.net client.  Restore my World of Warcraft Folder to the main drive and run the app.  It’s not as smooth as the windows version, but i’m sure with a little tweak it’ll run fine.  To be honest it’s certainly playable which made me sigh with relief.  Yes I did play it for a bit.

What’s next?

  • update my ssh key in the fedora fas system
  • get back into #fedora-uk on irc.freenode.net [I’m MooDoo]
  • update my wiki page
  • say hello to all my buddies in the Fedora world

Part 2 coming soon……



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