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/happy new year

Hello, welcome, how are you ?

It’s a day or so late, but I wanted to wish every one a happy new year. 2017 was a very busy year and I suspect 2018 will equally be as busy, but I wanted to extend a hand and say Hi, how are you ?

Feel free to come say hello. Nothing very exciting here, but a good ear is sometimes all that’s required.

Enjoy 2018, I hope to see some of you real soon.

Hello :)

You know I haven’t blogged or posted in while, so I thought I’d just write this quick post to say hello and yes I’m still about.

If you feel the need to say hello, and please feel free, then I can be contacted at prjmellors -at- gmail -dot- com

Fear and Doubt

I’ve just watched a video from a guy called Leonard Kim, if you want to watch it then click HERE

One of the quotes I remember most is “really hard for me to get out of bed and try again” and I thought to myself that’s me.  No before you think uh hoh he’s going to do something stupid, it’s not quite [in my context] what it sounds like.  I’m not in his situation, I have the decent job, loving family and I’m generally quite happy, you should of seen my face at the Cromford Steam Rally, when a Lancaster bomber flew over with a Spitfire and Hurricane, BLISS!

What I’m referring to is the fear and doubt of trying something new, the doubt in your mind that when you have a go at something, you’re not confident in yourself and although you put 100% effort into it, a few days later you give up as you think you’re crap.  I’m sure I’m actually not the only one like this.  On the flip side, your friends approach you and ask you where your next video is as they enjoy them and noticed you’ve not been uploading in awhile.

What can you do to improve your mindset in a situation like this?  I really don’t know.  I suppose that I’d just need to do what Leonard Kim did when he published his first post.  Get past the shaking hands, the thoughts of being a constant failure and just “press the button”  Forget about what people think of you, forget that no one might see/comment or enjoy what you do, just do it for yourself and enjoy it.

I guess that writing this blog post has made a decision for me….Where’s that button?


Fedora participation

I was asked this question last week,

Therefore, at this point, we kindly ask that you should please inform us whether:
a) You’re an active ambassador mentor and currently available
b) You’re an active ambassador mentor, but currently unavailable
c) You’re an inactive ambassador mentor and wish to offer your place to someone else

And unfortunately I replied with

c) You’re an inactive ambassador mentor and wish to offer your place to someone else

My problem is time, I don’t have time for this any more and too be honest I lost all interest 😦

It’s not that I don’t love Fedora and it’s community, I just lost interest in it….Is that a problem with me or the community, I don’t know.

To be honest, it’s probably just me, all the people I’ve spoken to over the years and all the friends I’ve made are awesome, I can’t fault any one or anything I’ve just come to the end of my tether.  I really shouldn’t of reapplied for my mentorship in the first place 😦

If people want to contact me, then they are more than welcome as ever.

So long and thanks for all the fish…..


Ubuntu Upgrade *BUG*

Apparently when you upgrade Ubuntu from LTS to 16.10 [using do-release-upgrade], the network system stops working, in my case it was down to a specific file not being created at upgrade.

If you upgrade ubuntu from LTS to 16.10 and your ethernet stops working then make sure this file exists on your system, I bet it won’t


If it doesn’t then create it using this method and then reboot

touch /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-globally-managed-devices.conf

It’s a BUG marked as won’t fix 😦